Inserting tags with the Tag Chooser

Inserting tags with the Tag Chooser

You can use the Tag Chooser to insert in your page any tag in the Dreamweaver tag libraries (which include Macromedia ColdFusion and ASP.NET tag libraries). For more information on the tag libraries, see Managing tag libraries.

To insert a tag using the Tag Chooser:

  1. Position the insertion point in the code, then right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) and select Insert Tag.

    The Tag Chooser appears. The left pane contains a list of supported tag libraries, and the right pane shows the individual tags in the selected tag library folder.

  2. Select and insert a tag.

    For more information, see Setting the Tag Chooser dialog box options.

  3. To close the Tag Chooser, click the Close button.

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