Setting Meta properties

Setting Meta properties

A meta tag is a head element that records information about the current page, such as the character encoding, author, copyright, or keywords. These tags can also be used to give information to the server, such as the expiration date, refresh interval, and PICS rating for the page. (PICS, the Platform for Internet Content Selection, provides a method for assigning ratings, such as movie ratings, to web pages.)

Attribute specifies whether the meta tag contains descriptive information about the page (name) or HTTP header information (http-equiv).

Value specifies the type of information you’re supplying in this tag. Some values, such as description, keywords, and refresh, are already well defined (and have their own individual Property inspectors in Dreamweaver), but you can specify practically any value (for example, creationdate, documentID, or level).

Content is the actual information. For example, if you specified level for Value, you might specify beginner, intermediate, or advanced for Content.

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