Setting the server-side include Property inspector options

Setting the server-side include Property inspector options

The purpose of this Property inspector is to inspect and modify server-side includes in Design view.

To change options for a server-side include:

  1. To change the file to include in the document, do one of the following:
    • Click the folder icon and browse to and select a new file to include.
    • In the text box, type the path and filename of the new file to include.
  2. To edit the server-side include, click the Edit button, edit the file that opens in a new Document window, then save it.

    The changes are immediately reflected in the current document and in any subsequent document you open that includes the file.

  3. To change the type of the server-side include, select a Type option as follows:
    • If your server is an Apache web server, select Virtual. In Apache, Virtual works in all cases, while File works only in some cases.
    • If your server is a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), select File. (Virtual works with IIS only in certain specific circumstances.)
    • For other kinds of servers, or if you don’t know what kind of server you’re using, ask your system administrator which option to use.

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