Validating your tags

Validating your tags

You can use Dreamweaver to find out if your code has tag or syntax errors. Dreamweaver can validate documents in many languages, including HTML, XHTML, ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), JavaServer Pages (JSP), Wireless Markup Language (WML), and XML.

You can validate the current document or a selected tag.

To validate your tags:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • For an XML (or XHTML) file, select File > Check Page > Validate as XML.
    • Otherwise, select File > Check Page > Validate Markup.

    The Validation tab of the Results panel either displays a "No errors or warnings" message or lists the syntax errors it found.

  2. Double-click an error message to highlight the error in the document.
  3. To save the report as an XML file, click the Save Report button.
  4. To view the report in your primary browser (which lets you print the report), click the Browse Report button.

You can set preferences for the Validator, such as specifying the tag-based languages against which the Validator should check, the specific problems that the Validator should check for, and the types of errors that the Validator should report. For more information, see Setting Validator preferences.

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