Setting the File Types/Editors preference options

Setting the File Types/Editors preference options

This dialog box allows you to specify preferences for what editor to use for each file type.

To specify File Types/Editors preferences:

  1. Specify filename extensions to automatically open in Code view.
  2. (Macintosh only) To use an HTML editor other than BBEdit, deselect the Enable BBEdit Integration option. To use BBEdit, leave Enable BBEdit Integration selected and skip the rest of these steps.
  3. Click the Browse button beside the External Code Editor text box and select a text editor.
  4. In the Reload Modified Files option, specify what you want Dreamweaver to do when it detects that changes have been made externally to a document that is open in Dreamweaver.
  5. In the Save on Launch option, specify whether Dreamweaver should always save the current document before starting the editor, never save the document, or prompt you to ask whether to save or not each time you start the external editor.
  6. Specify editors for various media file types. For more information, see Setting external image editor preferences.

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