Setting the code hints preference options

Setting the code hints preference options

This dialog box allows you to specify preferences for how and when Dreamweaver displays code hints in Code view, as well as in the Quick Tag Editor.

To specify code hints preferences:

  • Specify any of the following options:

    Close Tags lets you specify how you want Dreamweaver to insert closing tags. By default, Dreamweaver inserts the closing tag automatically after you type the characters </. You can change this default behavior so that the closing tag is inserted after you type the final angle bracket (>) of the opening tag, or so that no closing tag is inserted at all.

    Enable Code Hints causes code hints to display while you enter code in Code view. Drag the Delay slider to set the time in seconds before Dreamweaver displays appropriate hints.

    Menus lets you set exactly which type of code hints you want displayed while typing. You can use all or some of the menus.

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