Setting code viewing options

Setting code viewing options

You can set word wrapping, display line numbers for the code, highlight invalid code, set syntax coloring for code elements, set indenting, and show hidden characters from the View > Code View Options menu.

To set options for Code view and the Code inspector:

  1. View a document in Code view or the Code inspector.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select View > Code View Options
    • Click the View Options button in the toolbar at the top of Code view or the Code inspector. This is a picture of the feature being described.
  3. To enable or disable any of the following options, select them from the menu.

    Word Wrap wraps the code so that you can view it without scrolling horizontally. This option doesn’t insert line breaks; it just makes the code easier to view.

    Line Numbers displays line numbers along the side of the code.

    Hidden Characters displays special characters in place of white space. For example, a dot replaces each space, a double chevron replaces each tab, and a paragraph marker replaces each line break.

    Highlight Invalid Code causes Dreamweaver to highlight in yellow all HTML code that isn’t valid. When you select an invalid tag, the Property inspector displays information on how to correct the error.

    Syntax Coloring enables or disables code coloring. For information on changing the coloring scheme, see Setting code coloring preferences.

    Auto Indent makes your code indent automatically when you press Enter while writing code. The new line of code indents to the same level as the previous line. For information on changing the indent spacing, see the Tab Size option in Setting code formatting preferences.

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