What You Have Learned

In this lesson, you have:

  • Prepared tours.asp so that it can accommodate three different kinds of search (pages 292294)

  • Built a dynamic menu that sends data to tour_detail.asp using dynamically generated URL variables (pages 295298)

  • Replicated that dynamic menu on another page (page 299)

  • Used code commenting as a strategy for testing and debugging isolated pieces of code (pages 300302)

  • Built a form with a menu populated with dynamic data (pages 302305)

  • Displayed or hid the Recordset Navigation Bar based on the number of records returned in a query (pages 306308)

  • Written an SQL query that filters data joined into two tables based on the value of a URL variable, and another that filters using a form variable (pages 309312)

  • Written an SQL query that uses the EXISTS keyword and a subquery (pages 313314)

  • Dynamically switched SQL queries based on the presence or absence of environmental variables using nested if…else structures in conjunction with IsEmpty() (ASP) and IsDefined() (ColdFusion) (pages 315318)