Where To Go From Here

With the completion of the CMS, you have also completed the instruction contained in this book. Learning dynamic Web development and programming is a significant task, one too big for a person to do over the course of a single book. However, if you got this far, you have mastered the fundamentals of dynamic application development and are ready to go out and develop database-driven sites.

If you want extra practice, use the Newland Tours site and databasethey were designed specifically for learning. For example, if you want more practice building a CMS, build one for the tour descriptions.

If you are ready to return to the real world, then revisit the sites for which you are responsible, and try to identify how they might be more efficient and easier to maintain if they used dynamic scripting. You have seen and written plenty of ASP and ColdFusion code in this book, and you can probably start solving problems right away. For more ambitious jobs, go to the bookstore or look online for ASP or ColdFusion books or tutorials. You may be surprised at how much easier they are to read, now that you've built the Newland Tours site.