Macromedia Training from the Source

Each book in the Macromedia Training from the Source series includes a complete curriculum that has been reviewed by Macromedia's own product support teams. The lesson plans were developed by some of Macromedia's most successful trainers and refined through long experience to meet students' needs. We believe that Macromedia Training from the Source books offer the best possible training for Macromedia programs. What distinguishes this Advanced Training from the Source book from a standard Training from the Source book is that it offers more: more conceptual information, more in-depth material, and more explanationsplus it assumes more knowledge on your part.

The instructions in this book are designed for those experienced in the development of static Web pages and sites using Dreamweaver.

The lessons assume the following:

  • You have basic familiarity with your operating system, including using the menu system and file management.

  • Dreamweaver MX is installed, and your system meets the requirements needed to run it.

  • You are familiar with working in Dreamweaver, including the use of the Property inspector, various panels, and the main menu. You should also understand the site definition process and Site panel.

  • You understand how HTML code works, and you are familiar with its most common tags and attributes, such as the <p>, <table>, <tr>, <td>, <ol>, <ul>, <h1>, <h2>, and <img> tags. You should also understand common HTML concepts, such as absolute versus relative links, validly nested tags, and the difference between the document head and body.