What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Update an existing site so that it uses maintainable, standards-compliant XHTML and CSS code.

  • Understand the limitations of the HTTP protocol, and how ASP and ColdFusion work with it to enable Web applications.

  • Pass data between pages and make data persist over time, using form, querystring/URL, cookie, session, and application variables.

  • Collect and process information entered by users via Web forms.

  • Validate data entered into forms using both client-side (JavaScript) and server-side (ASP or ColdFusion) code.

  • Write code to evaluate expressions and perform simple mathematical calculations.

  • Connect your Web site to a database, so that it displays database contents.

  • Filter data retrieved from a database.

  • Build search interfaces that enable users to access only the information they need.

  • Authenticate users and restrict access to pages.

  • Build content management systems that enable site owners to maintain Web content using Web forms, rather than HTML editors and FTP.

  • Hand-code common ASP and ColdFusion scripts that you can reuse in future projects.

  • Learn core SQL statements, enabling you to build pages that interact with data in sophisticated ways.

  • Control the flow of scripts, using conditional statements and loops.

  • Work with Dreamweaver's server behaviors, Recordset dialog, and pre-built application objects to rapidly develop dynamic Web applications.