4.8 Wrapping Up

In this chapter, we've covered a lot of ground. You learned about the NetServices class in depth and how the NetConnection object and NetServices are related. You also learned how to create responder functions in several different ways. The RecordSet object was explored in greater depth, and client-side recordsets were introduced as well. Basic error-handling techniques were covered as they relate to responder objects.

One of the best features of Flash Remoting is the ability to transfer ActionScript objects between the client and server, keeping the properties and methods of that object. This functionality was explored using each of the server technologies that Flash Remoting supports.

The next five chapters cover the server-side languages individually. This will allow us to go into greater detail about the implementation of services in each of the languages and also allow us to explore the strengths of each of the technologies as they relate to Flash Remoting. We'll begin with the server-side technology that is best supported by Flash Remoting?ColdFusion?in Chapter 5.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting