6.3 When to Use Server-Side ActionScript

Server-Side ActionScript is a powerful addition to the developer's arsenal, but it is not always the best way to create Flash Remoting services. It is merely a convenience for Flash ActionScript developers to create server-side services without having to learn another language.

That said, however, there are also some pluses to creating SSAS services. For example, if you are running JRun 4 and need a simple service and don't want to get your Java programmers to create a Java source file, compile it, and deploy it, you can write your service in SSAS and simply upload it to the proper folder.

In addition, you might find that a particular service requires an ActionScript object to be sent to the server, manipulated on the server, and sent back to the client. This can be done using a language such as CFML, but using SSAS makes this much simpler. Chapter 4 showed the process of transferring ActionScript objects back and forth from client to server.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting