7.1 The Flash Remoting Gateway

Flash Remoting for J2EE is essentially a servlet that uses Java introspection, also called reflection, to invoke methods on objects running in a Java application server. This servlet and its supporting classes are collectively named the Flash Remoting gateway. Combined with the client-side Flash Remoting components, Flash Remoting for J2EE gives Flash clients a simple object-oriented interface to locate Java objects as services, call methods on them, and handle the results.

It is worth noting that the implementation of Flash Remoting for J2EE is the same implementation that supports Flash Remoting for ColdFusion. Flash Remoting for ColdFusion includes the additional service types of ColdFusion pages, ColdFusion Components, and web services, but the core gateway implementation is the same. Much of the discussion in this chapter concerning the internal behavior of the gateway also applies to Flash Remoting for ColdFusion.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting