7.13 OpenAMF

OpenAMF is an emerging open source alternative to Macromedia's Flash Remoting for J2EE. OpenAMF is based on the AMFPHP implementation of Flash Remoting for PHP covered in Chapter 9 and is available from http://www.openamf.org. The goals of the project are to provide an open source alternative to Flash Remoting for J2EE and to extend its features to include web services support, flexible configuration, and more. OpenAMF is maturing quickly, supports the features of Remoting for J2EE functionality, and provides several additional features.

Much of the discussion in this chapter also applies to the behavior of the OpenAMF gateway. The architecture and design strategies are certainly applicable. OpenAMF also includes the ASTranslator project to provide developers with the option of using JavaBean introspection to convert between Java and ActionScript objects without explicitly referencing ASTranslator in their service implementations.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting