12.10 What to Walk Away With

I've isolated the sections in this chapter into 10 items that you should remember when building your Flash Remoting applications:

  • Clearly separate the tasks for the application.

  • Clearly separate and optimize the functionality between client, server, and database.

  • Handle server downtime (lack of a connection) gracefully.

  • Use components wisely.

  • Maintain a clean API.

  • Optimize your loops and other code blocks that are executed repeatedly.

  • Use OOP or OOP concepts when possible.

  • Use broadcasters or callback functions in your responder objects.

  • Take advantage of incremental recordsets in ColdFusion.

  • Cache objects from the server whenever possible?on the client using a cache object or on the server using cachedwithin in ColdFusion or whatever caching functionality is at your disposal.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting