14.2 Requirements

First, we need to create a list of the project requirements. We'll then flesh it out into a specification that we can use to generate the stub code. The stub code acts as an outline; just as a report outline can be laid out in advance to help create a report, the code outline helps guide the eventual coding. First, a mission statement:

The Script Repository will provide a simple interface on the Web for authenticated users to post short ActionScript (or other) code snippets to a central database. The full list of categorized scripts will be made available to the general public for free download.

With that in place, we'll come up with a list of the main things that the application needs:

  • Listing of scripts, ordered by category and clickable for download

  • User registration and login section for uploading scripts

  • Script upload form

  • Repository for scripts

  • Ability to upload new versions of scripts

  • "Email this page to a friend" feature

Here are some of the minor features that are not essential but are desired:

  • Email a forgotten username and password

  • Contact form

  • Search interface for scripts

The application is built using a client/server model in which the server-side services can be consumed by an HTML client or a Flash client, which offers greater usability. We'll create an interactive interface for the application, using simple sliding screens for registration, login, contact, and uploading/modifying files, and a button for downloading files.

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting