14.8 Future Expansion

The application as it stands is workable, but it lacks a few key features that might be desirable. Following is a list of enhancements that you can add to the application if you feel the urge:

  • Expand the CompanyInfo table to include more than one company by simply creating an autonumber field.

  • Email notification to members if a new version of a script is uploaded.

  • Add the ability to download multiple scripts in a .zip file.

  • Add the ability to upload files from a filesystem rather than pasting into the application.

  • Add an administrative interface and a new AccessGroup of "administrator".

  • Add a "favorites" page that a user can go back to whenever he visits.

A common problem when building an application of this size is to allow feature creep to overtake you and prolong the application development time. By clearly setting out your specifications in advance, you can guard against feature creep by locking down the features that you will be implementing. Leave the other features for version 2.0.

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