DataGlue.bindFormatFunction( )

DataGlue.bindFormatFunction( ) MethodFlash 6

binds a data provider to a data consumer using a custom function
DataGlue.bindFormatFunction(dataConsumer, dataProvider, formatFunction)



The UI component or other consumer of data to be bound to a data provider.


A RecordSet object or other data provider to be bound to a data consumer.


A custom function that you define that returns an object with the properties label and data. It must accept a single RecordSet object as a parameter.


The DataGlue object is used to bind a data provider to a data consumer. The most common and useful application of this is to bind a RecordSet object to a ListBox, ComboBox, or other UI component that will display the data from the RecordSet. The bindFormatFunction( ) method allows the developer to specify a function to format the appearance of the data in the UI component. If you don't need to format the data, using DataGlue.bindFormatStrings( ) is more straightforward.


The following example code assumes a combo box named allProducts_cb is present on the main timeline:

#include ""
#include ""

// Initialize the connection and service objects.
if (connected == null) {
  connected = true;
  var my_conn = NetServices.createGatewayConnection( );
  var myService = my_conn.getService("com.oreilly.frdg.searchProducts", this);

// The remote getSearchResult( ) method (not shown) returns a recordset.
myService.getSearchResult( );

// Display the product names in the combo box. Use the product IDs as the data.
// The product names are formatted in uppercase for display.
function formatDataForBox (theRecord) {
  var formatObj = new Object( );
  formatObj.label = theRecord.ProductName.toUpperCase( );  = theRecord.ProductID;
  return formatObj;

// The responder function binds the returned recordset to the combo box.
function getSearchResult_Result(result_rs) {
  DataGlue.bindFormatFunction(allProducts_cb, result_rs, formatDataForBox);

The formatDataForBox( ) function creates an object with two properties: label and data. This function is called by the bindFormatFunction( ) method for each row in the recordset. The recordset is bound to the combo box, which displays the recordset's capitalized product names in a list and uses the product IDs as the underlying data.

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