NetConnection.setDebugId( )

NetConnection.setDebugId( ) MethodFlash 6

assigns an arbitrary identifier to a NetDebugConfig object



An arbitrary header name that can be recognized by the server.


The setDebugId( ) method is used to specify an identifier for a NetConnection object. Each NetConnection object has an associated identifier that is typically a sequential integer. For example, if you call getDebugId( ) on a NetConnection object that is the only object in your movie, you will receive an ID of 0. To change this to a meaningful value, you can use the setDebugId( ) method.

The code syntax completion of Flash Remoting, as well as the Flash Remoting documentation, lists the syntax as setDebugID (capital I and D), but the correct spelling is setDebugId( ) (lowercase d ).


The following code shows the basic syntax of the setDebugId( ) method:

if (connected == null) {
  connected = true;
  var my_conn = NetServices.createGatewayConnection( );

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