RecordSet.getItemAt( )

RecordSet.getItemAt( ) MethodFlash 6

returns the record at a given index number



An integer between 0 and the length of the RecordSet object minus one.


A row (i.e., a single record) of the RecordSet object.


The getItemAt( ) method returns a full row of a recordset. The return value is a single record from the recordset, represented as an associative array whose keys correspond to the recordset's column names. You can retrieve individual fields by name from the row returned by this method.


The following code returns a row of the recordset and then sets variables to the value of each field in the record:

var myRow = myRecordset.getItemAt(0);
var myFirstName = myRow.FirstName;
var myLastName = myRow.LastName;
myTextField.text = "Hello " + myFirstName + " " + myLastName;

Individual fields can also be accessed through associative array notation, as in this example:

var myRow = myRecordSet.getItemAt(0);
var myFirstName = myRow["FirstName"];

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