RecordSet.isFullyPopulated( )

RecordSet.isFullyPopulated( ) MethodFlash 6

determines whether a recordset is fully downloaded
myRecordSet.isFullyPopulated( )


The Boolean true if the RecordSet object is local or if a RecordSet object coming from a remote method has been fully received from the server.


The isFullyPopulated( ) method is used when you have a remote method that returns a resultset as a RecordSet object and you need to determine if it has been fully downloaded. This is often necessary, because the following methods work only with fully populated RecordSet objects:

addItem( )
addItemAt( )
filter( )
removeAll( )
removeItem( )
replaceItemAt( )
setField( )
sort( )

For a local RecordSet object, the isFullyPopulated( ) method always returns true.


The following code shows how the isFullyPopulated( ) is called. In the example, if the RecordSet object is not fully populated, the button last_pb is disabled:

if (!myProducts_rs.isFullyPopulated( )) last_pb.enabled = false;

As of this writing, the isFullyPopulated( ) method works only in the ColdFusion implementation of Flash Remoting when employing pageable recordsets.

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