C.1 Notes from the Designer

A fake login routine has been implemented. To activate the grayed-out buttons on the main navigation, you first have to log in on the login section.

All the content's movie clips are contained on the Library's content_main_mc symbol. If you need to change their instance names, first move them onto the visible area and, once renamed, move them again to their original position (all the positions are indicated on this document near the name of the section). If the Property inspector won't accept those pixel values, you should use the keyboard to return the movie clips to their original positions.

The following are the hexadecimal values of the tints used on the application:

  • EEFDE1

  • D9EFB4

  • 8BB60A

  • 618901

They have been added as swatches to the .fla source file and can be accessed from the Color Swatches panel.

The fonts used in the movie are the following:

  • URW++ Neuzeit Grotesk T Regular

  • URW++ Neuzeit Grotesk T Black


Note that all fonts have been embedded due to large use of masks (MM technote: http://www.macromedia.com/support/flash/ts/documents/maskprintembed.htm)

The following Flash components are used on the application:

  • Tree?Flash UI Components Set 2

  • ScrollBar?Flash UI Components Set 1

  • ComboBox?Flash UI Components Set 1

    Part III: Advanced Flash Remoting