Lesson 5. Using Functions

When programming, you may find yourself using the same chunks of code repeatedlyeither by copying and pasting them or by rewriting the same lines of ActionScript. There is a way to write ActionScript just once and reuse it anytime with a single action. You do this with functions and the action by which you execute a function is a call or a function call. Functions are real time-saversduring both development and code maintenancebecause they reduce the amount of code you need to write or modify.

You will create several functions that allow you to turn a Flash-TV on and off and change its channels. A Flash-TV is a simple Flash app that acts like a TV and remote control.


Think of a function as a mini-program that serves a specific purpose within another application. You can use it to perform a set of specific actions, or you can feed it information and output a resultor you can do both. Functions provide a powerful and versatile way to script your project.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create and use functions while developing a remote control for a Flash-made television set.


In this lesson, you will:

  • Create a function

  • Call a function

  • Add parameters to a function

  • Create a function that returns a result

  • Use local variables


This lesson takes approximately one and one half hours to complete.


Starting File:


Completed Project: