Video Object

The Video object controls the playback of live or recorded streaming video.

To enable Code Hints and Code Completion in the Flash MX ActionScript Editor, use the suffix _video in the name of the Video variable.

Video Methods

Video.attachVideo(source | null)

Assigns a video stream to an embedded Video object that exists on the Flash stage.

source The name of a NetStream or Camera object source that is or will play a video.


Clears the Video object on the Flash stage of any still images.

Video Properties

Video.deblocking = setting sets the deblocking filter on the video decompressor.

setting A Boolean value that enables/disables the automatic deblocking filter. 0 sets the deblocking filter to automatic; 1 forces never to use the filter; 2 forces to always use the filter.

Video.height returns the height value, in pixels, of the Video object.

Video.smoothing = true | false sets the smoothing filter on the video decompressor. A value of true enables the smoothing filter.

Video.width returns the width value, in pixels, of the Video object.

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