Common Methods

Most Flash UI component classes share some common methods among them. These three methods are available in every component class unless noted in the component description.


This method initializes the object. The internal initialization process is different for each object, but they will all use this method to attach to a NetConnection and call the function .setUsername() with the name used in the connection process. This method also initializes the server-side ActionScript handlers. The value of nc is the instance name of the active NetConnection object.


This method assigns the username to the component. In the case of the PeopleList component, this is the name that appears in the list of users. The value of newName is the name of the user that is connected to the component. If you do not include the parameter, the user is in Lurker mode.


This method disconnects the component from the connection. It will release all resources being used on the server and on the client.

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