So that's the end of the 10-step introduction to Flash Communication Server MX. Have you figured out the Tin Can reference yet? At this point, you have enough information to really do some damage (just kidding). You have been introduced to the Flash Communication Server UI components, and almost every ActionScript object available to you in the Flash Communication Server, from a very top-level perspective. The next part will take a more detailed look at the server-side ActionScript model and then move on to a detailed overview of the new Flash elements. Flash Remoting MX and database access are covered in Chapter 14, "Server Administration."

The appendices included in this book are a great reference tool for all the Flash Communication Server objects, both on the server and the client. The Flash UI components are also presented in detail.

Please visit this book's Flash Communication Server MX web site for updates and all the source code for the examples in this book at

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started