Chapter 4. STEP 4: Simple Chat and Video Conferencing

Lights, Camera, ACTION! I bet you would never have guessed that in only the fourth step, you would add live video, chat, and microphone support. You know all the basic concepts to make this work, still with no ActionScript. Building on the exercise you did in Chapter 3, "STEP 3: Get Connected," this chapter will expose you to the following four new Macromedia Flash UI components:

  • The Chat component enables live text chat.

  • The UserColor component allows you to change the color of your text in the Chat window.

  • The SetBandwidth component allows you to change the quality of video and audio incoming and outgoing streams relative to your connection speed.

  • Finally, the AVPresence component will enable your computer's video camera and microphone all within a Flash interface! This is a first for Flash?live video inside the Flash player. You can only do it with the Flash Communication Server.

Let's get started, first with the Chat component.

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started