The AVPresence Communication UI Component

It never fails: If you show someone that you can chat with yourself, it gets a response of "That's cool." Then, you show someone a live video window and his whole perception changes.

The AVPresence UI component is a great tool to quickly see the bigger picture of the power this server offers. In this example, there will be three video windows:

  1. Drag three AVPresence UI components from the Components panel to the Flash stage, just below the SimpleConnect.

  2. Click on the first component and give it the instance name video1_mc in the Properties window. Each instance of the AVPresence must have a unique instance name.

  3. Enter instance names for the other two AVPresence UI components in their respective Property windows, video2_mc and video3_mc, respectively.

  4. Assign a unique value for the Presenter SharedObject property.

  5. Click the video1_mc AVPresence UI component. In the Properties window, click the av value next to the Presenter SharedObject. Give it the new value of av1. Do the same for the other two AVPresence UI components, giving them values of av2 and av3, respectively. This step ensures the video streams will be attached to the proper AVComponent. If you don't do this, you may see your video camera in every window that is enabled.

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started