Chapter 6. STEP 6: ActionScript with 'NetConnection()'

Not only are Communication UI components fantastic tools for building applications quickly, they are also great tools for teaching how the Macromedia Flash Communication Server operates. The full power of the technology lies within Flash's scripting language, ActionScript. The next five chapters will combine the use of the UI components with ActionScript and some home-grown techniques both inside Macromedia Flash MX and on the server.

If you have done any work in object-oriented programming languages, Flash ActionScript should seem familiar. The invocation of ActionScript is the same as that of JavaScript; and, like JavaScript, it is founded on the ECMAScript-262 specification so it operates and behaves as you would expect JavaScript would. On the server, ActionScript behaves like Server-Side JavaScript 1.5 (SSJS) as implemented by Netscape's Enterprise Server. Chapter 15, "Communication Application Architecture Strategies," has more details on ECMAScript and Netscape. If you are not familiar with programming languages, don't worry; these next few steps are designed to walk you through the steps slowly with plenty of description about what is going on.

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started