Chapter 16. Build a Technical Support Application

Application type: Collaborative

UI components used: AVPresence, Chat, PeopleList, ConnectionLight, UserColor, Bandwidth, ListBox, PushButton

Flash objects: SharedObject, NetConnection

SSAS objects: Application, Client

Key points: A live support application using video, voice, and chat

In this chapter you will build a live support application. Corporations use applications like this one to help clients or customers with technical questions about products or services.

Throughout this chapter the person seeking support will be referred to as the customer and the person providing support will be referred to as the representative.

It is not unusual for a company to out-source the technical support and call centers that supply assistance to the customer. One model to solve issues of customer support is to develop a system to allow a customer to communicate the problem using simple technology such as the telephone, or through a computer using video, voice, and text.

Customers' two biggest complaints about technical support are its impersonal nature and the lack of detailed information available to solve complex problems. The Macromedia Flash player provides a platform to deliver customer service applications that can provide a great support experience for both the customer and the company. Although the requirements for the live support application sound very complex, you'll find that it's all surprisingly easy with the Macromedia Flash Communication Server. All you need to do is use prebuilt components with some custom ActionScript, and you are well on your way to revolutionizing the technical support arena. The two main parts to live support are the Live Support Lobby and the Live Support Session.

Let's start in the lobby.

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started