Teacher User Case Study

The teacher is responsible for ensuring all students are notified of the upcoming class.

The teacher logs into the virtual classroom using the same interface as the students, but uses a special username (listen2Me) to trigger the teacher screen. When the teacher arrives at the teacher screen, the web camera and microphone are automatically connected and the default presentation is loaded. The teacher can manually load new presentations from within the teacher interface and can control the advancement of the slide presentation.

The teacher interface handles student requests to answer questions asked by the teacher in the video feed or in the Chat window. Accepting a request engages the student's video camera and microphone. The student then appears on everyone's screen in the top-right corner.

Text areas on the screen can be edited by simply clicking on them and reentering the data.

Other teacher controls include:

  • Turning off the student video feed

  • Forcing a student's video feed to the screen

  • Disabling the Chat window

  • Pausing the teacher Video window

  • Closing the virtual classroom

You need to build three interfaces, and there is quite a bit of work to do.

    Part I: 10 Quick Steps for Getting Started