Chapter 10. Assembling the Tour

To get to the assembly point?creating this section of the Oakbridge Community Center site?there was a lot of planning and paper involved. While all that was occurring, there were also a number of creative decisions being made. This section will review two of them. The first involves the creation of the Oakbridge Community Center logo. It was a typographic treatment, and one of the authors, Chris Flick, will review the rationale behind the font choices. Though we reviewed the creation logo in Chapter 6, "Creating the Tour Assets," we never explained why the fonts were chosen.

The second decision is moving from linears to comps. In Chapter 5, "Planning the Look," we showed a couple of techniques for using linears but never really explained how the process of moving from linear to comp works. Again, Chris will walk you through his thought process.

Having gotten those two issues off the agenda, we will spend the rest of the chapter reviewing how to assemble the dynamic tour.