Chapter 6. Creating the Tour Assets

The planning is complete. The client has signed off on the various models and designs. The team is organized and systems for managing the content and production are in place. The time has arrived to go to work.

As one of the authors is fond of saying, "The best way to manage complexity is from a position of simplicity." Thus, the next three sections of this book focus on the creation of the three key elements of the project: the tour, the booking facility, and the community outreach section of the Oakbridge Community Center site. By looking at the project in this manner, the production of the site is broken down into three manageable "chunks," rather than what on the surface appears to be one overwhelming project.

In this chapter, we concentrate on the creation of the tour assets. Those assets are the images and artwork used in the tours. Along the way, we will introduce you to a few new features built into Studio MX 2004 that are designed to make your team's life easier and expand your creativity.

Let's get busy.