Creating the Booking Facility Database

With the data dictionary created, it is a relatively simple task to add the booking table to the Oakbridge MySQL database. Here's how:

  1. Open your Administrative Console and locate the Oakbridge database.

  2. Right-click the table icon (PC users) and select New Table from the pop-down menu. Mac users, click the New Table button.

  3. When the new table opens, add the field names and the types.

  4. Set the bookingID field as the primary key. When finished, your MySQL table should resemble that shown in Figure 13.3.

    Figure 13.3. The Booking table is added to the MySQL database created for the Oakbridge Community Center in Chapter 8.


  5. Right-click where indicated on the MySQL Administration panel and select Hide Me. The panel will close, but the MySQL traffic light will be visible on the taskbar.