Sprint Retrospective Meeting

Sprint Retrospective Meeting

The Sprint retrospective meeting is time-boxed to 3 hours.

  • It is attended only by the Team, the ScrumMaster, and the Product Owner. The Product Owner is optional.

  • Start the meeting by having all Team members answer two questions:

    • What went well during the last Sprint?

    • What could be improved in the next Sprint?

  • The ScrumMaster writes down the Team’s answers in summary form.

  • The Team prioritizes in which order it wants to talk about the potential improvements.

  • The ScrumMaster is not at this meeting to provide answers, but to facilitate the Team’s search for better ways for the Scrum process to work for it.

  • Actionable items that can be added to the next Sprint should be devised as high-priority nonfunctional Product Backlog. Retrospectives that don’t result in change are sterile and frustrating.