List of Figures

List of Figures

Chapter 1: Backdrop: The Science of Scrum

Figure 1-1: Complexity assessment graph
Figure 1-2: Scrum skeleton
Figure 1-3: Scrum process overview
Figure 1-4: Product Backlog
Figure 1-5: Burndown chart
Figure 1-6: Sprint Backlog

Chapter 6: Planning a Scrum Project

Figure 6-1: Product Backlog

Chapter 7: Project Reporting— Keeping Everything Visible

Figure 7-1: Product Backlog example
Figure 7-2: Gantt report example
Figure 7-3: Product Backlog in Microsoft Project
Figure 7-4: Product Backlog Burndown report
Figure 7-5: Technology progress report

Chapter 9: Scaling Projects Using Scrum

Figure 9-1: Scalability Sprints
Figure 9-2: Customer Product Backlog
Figure 9-3: Hierarchy of Product Backlogs
Figure 9-4: Sprint planning for multiple teams

Appendix E: Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

Figure E-1: Scrum and CMM