Who This Book Is For

You don't have to be a VBA whiz to use this book. It's designed for all levels of readers: end users, power users, and developers.

In every case, we've made the steps needed to implement our solution as simple as possible. When VBA is involved, we've recommended which modules to import from the sample database and discussed the important features of the code within the text. You shouldn't have to retype any of the code unless you care to?in fact, you shouldn't retype the code, since we rarely include every single line of code here in the book. We've pointed out the important code here but left much of the support code on the CD-ROM (see http://examples.oreilly.com/accesscook). What's more, you don't actually have to understand the solutions to most of the problems covered in this book in order to make use of them. In each case, you'll find a sample database that demonstrates the technique and explicit instructions on how to implement the same technique in your own applications. Of course, you'll learn the most by digging into the samples to see how they work, and each solution includes comments to help you understand the underlying technology.