The intersection of a column and a row in table.


A graphical representation of worksheet data. Charts are linked to the data from which they were created and are automatically updated when the source data changes.

chart area

The entire region surrounding the chart, just outside the plot area. When the chart area is selected, uniform font characteristics can be applied to all text in the chart.

chart type

The way chart data is displayed; column, bar, and pie are common chart types.

Chart wizard

A wizard that guides you through the steps required to create a new chart or to modify settings for an existing chart.

clip art

A predrawn illustration or graphics object you can insert into an Office file. Microsoft Office comes with a collection of clip-art files you can use to illustrate your documents.

See [Windows Clipboard]
Close box

A small box with an X in it that's located in the upper-right corner of every Windows window; click it to close the program or file or item in the window.

color scheme

A coordinated, built-in color palette you can apply to your slides.


An instruction that tells the computer to carry out a task or perform an action.


The flashing vertical line that shows where text is entered. Also referred to as the insertion point.