Pack and Go wizard

A special program within PowerPoint for copying a presentation and any supporting files along with a PowerPoint viewer for viewing the presentation.


A box containing choices for color and other special effects. A palette appears when you click a toolbar button, such as Border or Fill Color.

See also [floating palette]

Photo Album

A feature that allows you to turn a group of pictures into individual slides to make a presentation.

plot area

The area of a chart in which data is plotted. In 2D charts, it is bounded by the axes and encompasses the data markers and gridlines. In 3D charts, the plot area includes the chart's walls, axes, and tick-mark labels.


The vertical orientation of a page; opposite of landscape, or horizontal, orientation.


A presentation program designed to create and view slide-show programs and other types of visual presentations.

PowerPoint Viewer

A program for viewing PowerPoint presentations, particularly useful for people who do not have access to the PowerPoint program.


A group of slides that present information or a message to an audience.


A view that displays your document as it will appear when you print it. Items such as text and graphics appear in their actual positions.