Helpful notes that appear on your screen to explain a function or feature of PowerPoint.


A computer used on the Internet or a network environment that stores email messages, Web pages, and other data.


A formatting effect you can apply to slide objects to create the appearance of shadows behind the object.

shortcut keys

Keyboard keys you can press to perform commonly used commands instead of using the mouse.


A single document or page in a PowerPoint presentation.

Slide design

A preset design you can assign to your slide that includes formatting and background colors or artwork.

Slide Master

The underlying template that controls the formatting and placement of slide objects.

slide object

Slide objects act as containers for specific slide elements, such as text, clip art, or a chart.

Slide pane

The area in the middle of the PowerPoint window that displays the current slide. You can view the Slide pane in Normal and Outline view modes.

slide show

A visual presentation you can create with PowerPoint which uses text, graphics, and other effects. Use slide shows for business presentations, training presentations, and other tasks that require visual presentations.

Slide Sorter view

A view in PowerPoint that allows you to see all the slides in a presentation and arrange their order in the slide show.

Speaker notes

Text pages containing notes about your slides that you can print out to accompany your slide show and assist you with your presentation.