URL (uniform resource locator)

A Web site address.

See [World Wide Web]
Windows Clipboard

A temporary holding area in computer memory that stores the last set of information that was cut or copied (such as text or graphics). You transfer data from the Clipboard by using the Paste command. The Windows Clipboard can hold up to 12 cut or copied items.


A set of dialog boxes that ask you questions to walk you through processes such as creating a file or an object based on your answers.


A program within PowerPoint for creating text effects, such as curved text.

World Wide Web (WWW)

The part of the Internet where Web sites are posted and available to Web browsers.


On most charts, categories are plotted along the x-axis. On a typical column chart, the x-axis is the horizontal axis.


On most charts, data values are plotted along the y-axis. On a typical column chart, the y-axis is the vertical axis. When a secondary axis is added, it is a secondary y-axis.