Part 1. Getting Started with PowerPoint

Before you begin creating slide shows and other presentations with PowerPoint, first acquaint yourself with the various program elements and how they work. The PowerPoint window is composed of a menu bar and several toolbars, along with several panes, such as the Task pane, which contains links to common PowerPoint tasks. The first step to mastering the program is knowing how to navigate its onscreen elements.

You can customize different aspects of the program window, including the appearance of the Task pane, toolbars, and your view of the slide area. For example, you can zoom in to see a closer look at a slide object or zoom out to see the entire slide. You can also switch between viewing single slides one at a time, or all the slides in a presentation.

If you run into a problem or question about a PowerPoint command or task, you can consult the PowerPoint Help files for assistance. The Help files offer quick instructions and explanations for using the program, along with links to online Help sources on the Web.