Finding Help



Click inside the Ask A Question box; type a question, word, or phrase you want to find help with; and press Enter.


The Search Results pane appears with a list of possible matches. Click a topic.


A Help window opens with information about the chosen topic. You can read the information and use the scrollbars to view more.


Click the window's Close button to exit the Help file.


From time to time, you might find yourself needing some additional help with the PowerPoint program. PowerPoint offers several ways you can look up information about a particular task or feature. The Help menu lists a variety of features, or you can type in a topic or question directly into the Ask a Question box.


Finding Help on the Web

You can also log on to the Microsoft Web site to find more help resources for PowerPoint 2003. To log on to the Web site, you must have an Internet connection. When you do, select Help, Office on Your Web browser opens to the Microsoft Web site, where you can peruse other information and search for more help with PowerPoint.