Adding Slide Transitions



In Slide Sorter view, click the slide to which you want to add a transition.


Open the Slide Show menu and choose Slide Transition.


The Slide Transition Task pane opens and lists the available transitions.


Click the transition you want to apply.


You can use slide transitions to control the way in which one slide moves to the next slide in the show. PowerPoint offers a wide variety of transition effects, including dissolves, fades, and more. You can also control the speed of the transition to make it play slower or faster in the show.


Opening the Slide Transition Task Pane

You can also open the Slide Transition Task pane by clicking the Transition button on the Formatting toolbar.



PowerPoint applies the transition and shows you a preview of the effect.


To change the transition speed, click the down arrow next to the Speed field in the Task pane and select Slow, Medium, or Fast.


Applying to All

To use the same transition for every slide in your presentation, click the Apply to All Slides button at the bottom of the Slide Transition Task pane.


Removing a Transition

To rid your slide of a transition you no longer want, select the slide and click the Transition button to open the Slide Transition Task pane. Scroll to the top of the transition list and click No Transition. PowerPoint removes the effect.


Viewing the Show

To see your transitions in action, click the Slide Show View button to start the slide show. Press Esc at any time to exit the show and return to the PowerPoint window.