Adding Slides from Another Presentation



Click the Slide Sorter View button.


Click the slide you want to appear immediately before the new slides.


Open the Insert menu and choose Slides from Files.


The Slide Finder dialog box opens. Click the Browse button.


You can reuse slides you created for other presentations and insert them into your current slide show. PowerPoint copies the slides from one presentation to the other and matches the newly inserted slides to the current slide design.


Linking to a Presentation

You can turn slide text into a hyperlink to another presentation or to a single slide in another presentation. (The slide or slides you are linking to, however, must be on the same computer or network server.) To do so, select the text and click the Insert Hyperlink button. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, click Existing File or Web Page, and then select the file in the Link to File dialog box. Click OK twice to close both dialog boxes.



The Browse dialog box opens. Locate and select the presentation containing the slides you want to copy and click the Open button.


In the Slide Finder dialog box, click each slide you want to add to the current presentation.


Click the Insert button, and then click Close.


PowerPoint adds the slides.


Keeping the Original Slide Design?

If you want the new slides to retain their original slide design, click the Keep Source Formatting check box in the Slide Finder dialog box.


Scroll Away

You can use the scroll buttons in the Slide Finder dialog box to scroll through the available slides.


Inserting Them All

If you are sure you want to insert copies of all the slides in the presentation, click the Insert All button in the Slide Finder dialog box.