Animating a Single Slide Object



In Normal view, click the slide to which you want to assign custom animation.


Click the slide object you want to animate.


Open the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Animation.


PowerPoint opens the Custom Animation Task pane. Click the Add Effect button.


In addition to animation schemes that you can apply to animate an entire slide, you can also customize PowerPoint animation effects and apply them to a single slide element. For example, you might want a clip-art object to spin onto the slide, or animate a single text box for emphasis. You can use multiple custom animations in a slide. You can assign animations effects to text boxes, clip art, pictures, bulleted lists, charts, and graphs.


Animating the Entire Slide

You can assign an animation effect to an entire slide rather than to a single slide element. See the previous task, "Assigning an Animation Scheme," to learn more.



Click an effect category (here, Entrance).


Click an animation (in this case, Fly In).


PowerPoint assigns the animation to the selected slide object and previews the animation effect.


Understanding Effect Categories

Use Entrance effects to animate objects onto the slide. Use Emphasis effects to draw attention to an object already appearing on the slide. Use Exit effects to make objects disappear off the slide. Use Motion Path effects to make slide objects animate across the slide following a path.


Changing the Animation Order

If you are assigning more than one animation effect to a slide, you can control the order of the effects. See the next task, "Changing the Animation Order," to learn more.