Assigning an Animation Scheme



In Normal view, click the slide to which you want to assign an animation scheme.


Open the Slide Show menu and choose Animation Schemes.


PowerPoint opens the Slide Design Task pane and lists the available animation schemes. Use the scroll arrows to scroll through the list.


PowerPoint offers a variety of animated effects, called animation schemes, that you can add to your slides. You can use animation schemes to add movement to the slide elements. For example, you can assign an animation scheme that makes the slide's text boxes appear to fade into the slide or swoop in from a different direction. When you assign an animation scheme, it animates all the elements on a slide.


Animating a Single Slide Object

You can assign an animation effect to a single slide element rather than to the entire slide. See the next task, "Animating a Single Slide Object," to learn more.



Click a scheme.


PowerPoint assigns the scheme and previews the animation effect.


Click the Play button to view the effect again.


Removing a Scheme

To remove an animation scheme from a slide, first select the slide, then select No Animation from the list of available animation effects in the Slide Design Task pane.


Assigning to All Slides

To assign the same animation scheme to all the slides in your presentation, click the Apply to All Slides button in the Slide Design Task pane.


Animation Overload

Don't get too carried away assigning animation schemes to your presentation. Too many special effects will detract from your presentation message.