Customizing Animation Effects



Open the Slide Show menu and choose Custom Animation.


The Custom Animation Task pane opens. Click the effect you want to customize.


Click the down arrow next to the Start field and select how you want the effect to be activated on the slide.


You can use the Custom Animation pane to customize how an animation effect starts, the speed at which it plays, and the direction in which it enters or exits the slide.


Start Options

The Custom Animation pane offers three ways to activate a custom effect. Choose the On Click start option to make the animation effect play only when you click the slide. Choose the With Previous option if you want the effect to play simultaneously with the previous animation effect. Choose the After Previous option to start the effect after the previous effect ends.



Click the down arrow next to the Direction field and select a direction for the effect.


Click the down arrow next to the Speed field and select a speed for the effect.


To view the custom settings, click the Play button in the Custom Animation Task pane.


Assigning Multiple Effects

You can assign multiple animation effects to a single slide object and control the order of appearance. See the task "Changing the Animation Order" to learn more about reordering your effects.


Removing Animations

To remove an animation effect you no longer want, click the effect in the Custom Animation Task pane list box and click the Remove button.