Printing a Presentation



Open the File menu and choose Print.


PowerPoint opens the Print dialog box.


Click the down arrow next to the Print What field and select the presentation item you want to print. In this example, Slides is selected.


Click a print range. You can choose to print just the current slide, all the slides in the presentation, or selected slides.


PowerPoint's printing options include a variety of settings to control how your slides are printed out. You can choose to print out individual slides or to group several slides on one page to create audience handouts. You can also choose to print out your speaker notes along with the slides.


Printing Audience Handouts

If you want to turn your slides into handouts that you can give to your audience, select the Handouts option in the Print dialog box and set the number of slides to print per page.


Printing Notes

To print slide notes, click the Print What drop-down arrow in the Print dialog box and select Notes Pages.



To print specific slides, click the Slides option and type the slide numbers.


Click the down arrow next to the Color/grayscale field and select whether you want to print color, grayscale, or black and white printouts of your slides.


Click OK to start printing the slides.


More Printing Options

If you need to control whether your slides print out in landscape or portrait style, click the Properties button in the Print dialog box. This opens your printer's Properties dialog box. Click the Layout tab and choose a printing direction: Landscape or Portrait.


Printing an Outline

You can also choose to print just the text outline of your presentation without all the slide and visuals. In the Print dialog box, click the Outline View option in the Print What drop-down list.